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Creating bespoke solutions around your parcel requirements.

The Safety Letterbox Company can create versatile parcel delivery boxes for occasions where a product is required by a client that is either based on an existing parcel box or is a completely unique solution. Examples of this include: contract & reverse logistics, equipment hire, intra-logistics, delivery of critical parts and items for repair & maintenance.

As the requirement for high-capacity storage solutions continues to grow, the boundaries will be pushed in what can realistically be stored, what technology can be incorporated into the product and how this can be embedded into an existing process.

Please find below information on component extensions that can be integrated into the intelligent MyRENZbox, the range is versatile and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Need something different? Get a bespoke parcel box

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  • Meet specific parcel delivery requirements
    versatile product options from the UK’s leading manufacturer of mail & parcel delivery boxes
  • Versatile delivery sizes
    secure every type of parcel delivery from a DVD size package to pallets (…and larger!)
  • Comprehensive parcel security options
    a wide variety of locks can be configured into a parcel box to meet your requirements including manual, digital and intelligent
  • Enhance project design & branding
    customise your parcel delivery boxes to meet specific branding guidelines of your project and enhance the area of installation
Parcel Delivery Boxes

Versatile Parcel Delivery Solutions

No matter what size of parcel or quantities of delivery you require; we can create a secure solution for you.

Banks of parcel boxes for multi-occupancy use are configured in individual modules and then “banked” prior to despatch for easy installation.

Any size of parcel box can be created, from XXS to XXXL to bespoke formats to secure any item.

Large Capacity Storage

Whether you need a box to deliver or pick up a piece of clothing, storing goods for delivery or collection – we have the solution!

Large bespoke mail and parcel boxes can be created to meet specific dimensional requirements, that can be integrated with intelligent software features such as Payment Card Readers and PIN entry systems.

Bespoke Parcel Boxes

Available parcel box equipment

Payment Card Readers

Payment Card Readers

Integrated Payment Card Reader can be integrated into the MyRENZbox parcel box to enable payment for goods or services.

Receipt Printers

Receipt Printers

A variety of systems can be integrated in to a single bank of parcel boxes including an Intercom / bell system combination.

Parcel Box Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners act as an alternative to PIN codes for both delivery and collection processes.

A flare for design

When it comes to parcel boxes, one size doesn’t fit all. We have decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of both mail and parcel boxes, meaning we can tailor your intelligent parcel box to your exact needs.

Parcel Box Case Studies

Student Living
Private Residential
Billund Airport
Intelligent Parcel Collection Lockers for Duty-free purchases
BUGA Horticultural Garden Show
A variety of intelligent parcel mgmt systems
Windsor House, Cardiff
Student Living
Wolff & Müller Building Facilities
Construction Company
Pforzheim, Germany
Private Residential
Hoffman La Roche
Private Residential
Hamburg, Germany
Private Residential
Stuttgart, Germany
Private Residential
Pforzheim, Germany
Private Residential


Renz Intelligent Parcel Box Brochure

The range of RENZ intelligent parcel boxes feature a collection of state-of-the-art parcel delivery, storage and processing features for both single and multi-occupancy residences.

The Safety Letterbox Company - BrochureThe Safety Letterbox Company - Brochure

The Safety Letterbox Company Brochure

The Safety Letterbox Company brochure contains an overview of the comprehensive range of mail and parcel delivery boxes available.

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