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Click & Collect: Temperature-controlled Lockers

The way consumers purchase has changed. Online shopping, home deliveries and Click & Collect options are now commonplace across the retail landscape. Consumers now expect the same level of service for all purchases, including their grocery shopping. Whether it’s a weekly shop, or a top-up of essentials, convenience and flexibility is paramount.

myRENZbox boasts a range of intelligent temperature-controlled Click & Collect solutions for the food retail industry. With three temperature options available, Frozen, Fresh and Ambient, the system can be customised to suit the needs of your business with a look to match your brand. Lockers will improve your customers experience, enhance your brand and elevate your available range of solutions.

If your business is looking to get ahead of the competition, the myRENZbox temperature controlled Click & Collect lockers will make sure you do just that!

The solution?
myRENZbox for food click and collect

  • 24/7 availability
    Lockers are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so purchases can be collected at the customers’ convenience.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
    Reduce the requirement for home deliveries by offering an always accessible system.
  • 100% automatic defrosting
    Avoid human intervention and machine downtime using a 100% automatic defrosting system.
  • Ventilated cold air temperatures
    Integrated fans keep each locker at the correct temperature: Icebox®, Freshbox® or Temperatebox®.
  • Maintaining the ideal temperature
    myRENZbox are connected to the IPC and feature sensors in each locker, alerting management to a change in temperature. HACCP compliant.
  • Omni-channel software integration
    myRENZbox software can be integrated with any existing software to streamline the customer order process and provide maximum efficiency.
  • No customer delivery costs
    Free delivery to myRENZbox increases footfall in potentially lucrative locations.
myRENZbox Food Click and Collect Lockers

Why install myRENZbox for your Click & Collect solution?

myRENZbox temperature-controlled lockers offer a Click & Collect option to benefit food retailers which can be tailor made to suit any requirements.

  • Maximise potential footfall: The Click & Collect system can be positioned in areas where you are looking to maximise footfall, providing you with the perfect opportunity to upsell and increase brand loyalty by improving the customer offer and experience.
  • A simple process: The customer purchases online and selects the option of delivery to the lockers. The retailer can deposit goods to the appropriate lockers for the customer offer and experience.
  • Storing at different temperatures: Three temperature options are available; Icebox® for frozen, Freshbox® for chilled and Temperatebox® for ambient.
  • Proven technology: myRENZbox temperature-controlled Click & Collect lockers are already proving a success in the market and in use across a wide variety of locations.


A proven technology with the flexibility to work with any Click & Collect requirement.

A configuration to suit customer requirements

The Click & Collect lockers are designed to include different temperature options within one system. They are the perfect solution for securely storing a mixture of frozen, chilled and ambient items.

Flexibility to meet increasing requirements

We are sure you and your customers will love using the Click & Collect solution by myRENZbox, our modular system has the added benefit of being extendable as your demand increases with new modules able to be seamlessly linked into the existing system.

Designed around your brand

Promote your business by using customised wraps, vinyl lettering and advertising on the temperature-controlled Click&Collect lockers. myRENZbox is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

API and backend system integration

myRENZbox features a backend management system where staff can review real-time system data to make informed business decisions. In additional, a rest API is available to create a seamless customer experience.

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Integrated myRENZbox POS Features

myRENZbox - Payment Accessories

Payment Options

Integration is possible with payment feature such as card readers, barcode scanners and contactless payment sensors. This allows customers the flexibility to pay at the lockers when they pick up the order.

myRENZbox Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer

If required, payment receipts and proof of collection slips can be printed in real-time by Click & Collect system.

Multiple Temperature Options in One Solution


Icebox Freshbox Temperatebox
Nominal temperature -18°C +1°C +4°C +16°C
Temperature regulation -18 to 21°C 0 to 2°C +2°C to +5°C +13 to +18°C
Use Ice cream, deep frozen products etc. Seafood etc. Meat, vegetables, yoghurts, cheeses etc. Wine, chocolates etc.

The benefits of myRENZbox

  • Future-proofing parcel delivery has never been easier
    Software upgrades are handled remotely and the system is scalable to support future growth in demand.
  • Multiple languages
    Accessible at the touch of a button, including Mandarin and Arabic.
  • Online Administration
    Easy to manage via the RENZ online portal, found at:
  • Electronic key management
    Easy to manage via the RENZ online portal, found at:
  • Individual Configuration
    A mixture of different temperature lockers can be used in a single bank to suit your requirement.
  • Retrofitting and Extension
    Parcel box units can be extended at any time to meet increasing requirements.
  • Security and discretion
    Secure and discrete parcel storage by means of an electronic lock and ultra-robust workmanship.
  • Interface connection
    A direct connection to eCommerce software is possible with custom developed offered with the myRENZbox.
  • Time-saving for staff and customers
    Time efficiency gains for both members of staff and customers throughout the entire process.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Reduce the requirement for home grocery delivery by offering an always accessible system.
  • Notification straight to the customer’s device
    Information about delivery and collection via email, SMS, Messenger or push message is available.
  • Friendly after-sales support
    Installation, training, ongoing maintenance and support are all provided by The Safety Letterbox Company | RENZ UK.

A flare for design

When it comes to parcel boxes, one size doesn’t fit all. We have decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of both mail and parcel boxes, meaning we can tailor your intelligent parcel box to your exact needs.

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Renz Intelligent Parcel Box Brochure

The range of RENZ intelligent parcel boxes feature a collection of state-of-the-art parcel delivery, storage and processing features for both single and multi-occupancy residences.

The Safety Letterbox Company - BrochureThe Safety Letterbox Company - Brochure

The Safety Letterbox Company Brochure

The Safety Letterbox Company brochure contains an overview of the comprehensive range of mail and parcel delivery boxes available.

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