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The NEW Fusion Mailbox
Turning your vision into reality
Fusion Mailbox
Fusion Mailbox
Fusion Mailbox
Fusion Mailbox
Fusion Mailbox
Project Description

The NEW Fusion mailbox is the essence of innovation; this luxury development is in the heart of London and offers the ultimate elegance and style for its’ residents. Mivan Marine LTD approached The Safety Letterbox Company with a specific cutting-edge, design requirement for their mailboxes, SLB managed to interpret that design with such precision, the outcome was extraordinary and truly stunning.

The new development on 48 Carey Street located just opposite the Royal Courts of Justice and the Royal School of Surgeons is a 10-storey block consisting of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments with underground parking and leisure facilities.

SLB created a truly unique, high-end, brand new product for this luxury development in central London. Incorporating multi-point opening, anodised materials, exceptional engraving detail and Italian stone cladding, SLB was delighted to create such a beautiful and visually exciting arrangement, turning the client’s vision into reality.

These mailboxes are recessed into the wall with front entry and front retrieval, arranged in 2 banks; the first configuration is 13 high by 10 wide, and the 2nd is 10 high by 10 wide.

“This project has been one of the most innovative projects that SLB has been a part of, pushing the boundaries in the design and aesthetics of a mailbox arrangement. Working with our clients to continually and literally think outside the box.”
Alison Orrells CEO & Managing Director of The Safety Letterbox Company

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