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Howard Gardens Cardiff
Mailboxes at the Howard Gardens project in Cardiff
Howard Gardens Cardiff
Project Description

The Howard Gardens project in Cardiff features numerous banks of mailboxes to securely store mail deliveries for the multi-occupancy residence.

The residence is home to students located in close proximity to a number of educational facilities in the city centre. It is just a nine minute walk from the University of South Wales and 14 from the University of Cardiff, with great transport links shortening the commuting time.

The mailboxes used in the project are recessed into the wall to maximise the amount of available space in the installation location and ensure that access through entry and exit routes are not hindered by protruding mailboxes.

The model of mailbox used in this project is the ‘Steel 2 – Steel Flap’ product. The Steel Flap variation of the Steel 2 mailbox features an opening flap that has a minimalistic design style which was perfect for this project. The mailboxes were banked here in our South Wales headquarters prior and were transported to the project site and then installed by our specialist installation team.

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