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Great Minster House
Great Minster House
Great Minster House
Great Minster House
Great Minster House
Great Minster House
Great Minster House
The Great Minster House Project
Project Description

The Great Minster House project is a high-end residence that features a freestanding bank of H1 lateral mailboxes. The mailboxes were fitted onto a bespoke table support created specifically for the project. Once mounted upon the table, the mailboxes were back-fixed to the rear wall to maximise stability and security of the items.

The mailboxes were designed in conjunction with the project architects to ensure the style and design of the mailboxes chosen was the most appropriate for the project.

The mailboxes used in this project feature engraving which has been centralised on the front opening door. The engraving has been filled with a gold colour finish which matches the brass locks used on the mailboxes. The engraving identifies each mailbox using incremental numbering, allowing the residents and postal delivery workers to easily find the specific mailbox required.

The mailboxes were finished in a bespoke ‘Bitter Chocolate – Matt’ finish (Product code BS 08B29) to meet the specific branding guidelines set out for the project. The Safety Letterbox Company offer a range of RAL colours as standard at no extra cost, but can supply any RAL colour or BS finish at an additional cost.

Project Details
Project Type: Private Accomodation
Mailbox Model: H1 Lateral
Custom Parts: Left hand hinging
Colour: Bitter Chocolate Matt (BS 08B29)
Locking: Brass Locks
Accessories: Gold infilled centered engraving

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