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Grand Designs – Corten Steel
GRAND DESIGNS - Corten Steel Project
Grand Designs - Corten Steel Mailbox Update
Corten Steel Mailbox Project Drawing
Project Description

The Safety Letterbox Company are the UK’s leading manufacturer of mailboxes with a standard range of over 130 items, but also providing bespoke storage solutions for projects where a specific product is required.

We were approached in early 2015 by a client requiring a specific solution that was to be manufactured using corten steel. Corten steel is a material that will change and adapt over time, starting with a darkened grey finish and progressing through to a unique rustic orange finish. The front panel of the mailbox which is located external to the property is finished in Corten Steel, also found on large proportions of the property.

The mailbox is a through the wall product, with mail posted into the front of the item and securely stored until being retrieved on the rear side of the mailbox with a coded key. The front side of the mailbox features the corten steel panel integrated with an intercom system for communicating with the residents of the property.

This project was featured on the Grand Designs program in October 2015.

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