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Door Entry System
Door Entry System
Door Entry System
Door Entry System
Door Entry System
Door Entry System
Project Description

The residence in this project uses one of our popular mailbox / door entry system combinations. The COM 3 mailbox has been fitted into a panel besides the property entrance door, allowing for mail to be posted without the need for property access to be granted. This type of product is particular popular in multi-occupancy developments where the external property door is secured and requires an access code to enter the property.

The Door Entry System is often housed in the bank of mailboxes, resulting in a space-efficient, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. Door Entry Systems fitted into banks of mailboxes can be either fitted into the panel using our main supplier Bell Systems, or alternatively supplied with a cut-out ready for retrospective fitting with a Door Entry System on site.

If the latter of the two supply options is chosen, then dimensions for the cut out need to be provided to us prior to manufacture, so we can accommodate your request.

The mail stored in the Through the Wall Post Boxes are securely held until an authorised person with a coded key accesses the post box to retrieve the mail.

Project Details
Mailboxes: COM 3 Mailbox with Door Entry System
Personalisation: Engraving
Accessories: Surround Panel

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