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Countryside Properties – Dragons Way
Project Description

Countryside Properties are a UK housebuilding and urban regeneration company working throughout London and the South East of England. The company’s main focus is upon the development of new homes and commercial properties, creating Places People Love.

The project at Dragons Way features numerous Safety Letterbox ‘Eurobox’ mailboxes throughout the site, providing a secure place for mail to be deposited for the houses. The colour chosen for the Eurobox matches the project branding throughout the site such as the door and window frame finishes. The Eurobox has been engraved during manufacturing and then infilled with a contrasting white colour; allowing for ease of identification.

The use of an individual external mailbox in a single dwelling as an alternative to the traditional letterflap is a major advantage in designing out crime and reducing heat loss.

The Eurobox is extremely popular with both domestic and commercial customers, available in A4 and A3 sizes and in a choice of RAL colours and finishes. We truly believe that this model provides the best value-for-money wall mounted mailbox available on the market.

For more information on the Eurobox, please visit the product page.

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