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BUGA German Horticultural Show
Project Description

Much like the British Chelsea Flower Show, Germany has its own national horticultural festival, known as Bundesgartenschau, or as it is affectionately called ‘BUGA’. The theme of this year’s festival in Heilbronn is innovation, which is where supporting partner RENZ steps in!

A Showcase of Intelligence

For the first time in its 70 year history, the festival aims to showcase the host town. To do this a purpose-built suburb of Neckarbogen was built to house around 700 people during the event from April to October and RENZ is adding their own clever touch of innovation for the residents. Not only will they be supplying secure locker facilities for the visitors to the festival site, RENZ is also providing a ground-breaking myRENZbox parcel delivery solution that includes the introduction of driverless delivery vehicles.

Created by RENZ in collaboration with the festival itself and the local University, these pioneering autonomous delivery pods each have a mobile myRENZbox parcel box facility, so they can move to where the residents need them to be. And you can’t miss them, as they have been fully customised to fit in with the festival’s bright colour scheme!

Driverless myRENZbox intelligent parcel management systems.

A YouTube video showing a driverless myRENZbox parcel management system being showcased in the BUGA German Horticultural Show.

Parcel Exchange Platform

All couriers can use the myRENZbox exchange platform with ease, and local suppliers and delivery services, such as dry-cleaners, can also place goods securely in the parcel boxes and provide additional services.

As an intelligent parcel delivery system, the items can be deposited without the addressee being there in person and the goods are stored securely until collected at the recipient’s convenience. Access to the box is then only permitted by using a choice of the myRENZbox mobile app, an electronic tag or entering a unique PIN into the display screen unit.

The BUGA Horticultural Show really demonstrates the versatility of the myRENZbox parcel management system. Any colour and configuration can be catered for, customised branding can be added to the finish, and additional accessories such as charging ports are available.
– Adele Lane. Business Development – Parcel Boxes Division, The Safety Letterbox Company

Mobile Device Storage & Charging

To make sure the festival visitors are catered for, there will be myRENZbox lockers available in a range of sizes, as well. A version of the system will work as a secure lock-up for larger items, such as pushchairs and backpacks, and smaller boxes will allow mobile devices, such as smartphone or tablets, to be stored safely.

The intelligent parcel lockers have been fitted with charging ports allowing visitors to plug in and charge their devices. These items are securely stored whilst charging and only users with unique PIN entry codes are able to access lockers.

A photograph of the myRENZbox parcel box that allows for mobile devices to be charged whilst secured

Overview of Products

Extensive parcel box delivery

1 x large ‘MODULA’ 15 column parcel box unit (Magenta color finish shown in the first image on this page).

Transportable Units

2 x transportable ‘MODULA Extended’ units.

Device charging units

2 x smaller ‘KOMPONA’ device charging units.

Driverless solutions

3 x ‘KOMPONA’ autonomous driverless units.

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