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Bradwell Street
Bradwell Street Project
Bradwell Street Project
Bradwell Street Project
Project Description

Introducing the Bradwell Street project that features numerous individual COM 1 mailboxes that are wall mounted underneath an entrance porch to the homes of residents.

The COM 1 mailbox is a versatile and popular solution that lends itself to being both used as a single product, or in a bank of multiple mailboxes popular in multi-occupancy residences.

The COM 1 used in this project meets the requirements set out in the Secured by Design Homes 2016 guide by using a mail aperture restrictor. The mailbox features numbered engraving to allow for easy identification by personnel delivery mail and a custom colour specified to meet project branding guidelines.

The COM 1 mailbox can be wall mounted (as in this project), wall recessed or freestanding – available for both internal and external use.

For more information on the COM 1 mailbox or to order online, please visit the product page.

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